Are women better at Crowdfunding than men?

by | Aug 18, 2017

A recent PWC report  titled “Women unbound Unleashing female entrepreneurial potential” revealed that when it comes to the world of Crowdfunding, women come out on top.


The report outlines how women around the world have been ahead of the game at reaching their funding targets. Their success has been attributed to consistency, emotive and inclusive language and passion. All of which women have been known to excel at.


‘“22% of campaigns led by women reached their target, compared to 17% of those led by men”. According to the numbers, women take the cake. In celebration of Women’s Month we sat down with the female force behind South Africa’s only Equity Crowdfunding platform Uprise.Africa. We asked them what they thought about the report.


Tabassum Qadir – the CEO of Uprise.Africa, praised the Crowdfunding model for the opportunity it provides to Entrepreneurs in “getting their own story to the masses” . After reading the report she expressed her view that women tend to be “more collaborative,more receptive and better at networking than most  men, so the report makes perfect sense” .  


Delving deeper into the report, Diana Ocholla – the PR Manager of Uprise.Africa exclaimed that “Crowdfunding has a lot to do with the art of persuasion, being able to persuade/influence “’the crowd’, to buy into your idea” . Diana remained neutral on which gender is better at the art of persuasion saying “Whether you are male or female I think this is a fundamental factor”. She went on to say that  she was not surprised by the report and that she “feels it supports a great value of Crowdfunding – it levels the playing field in a variety of ways”


Inge Prins – the CMO of Uprise.Africa had interesting insights based on her industry experience “In my experience women are great project managers, generally being able to multitask and plan better than their male counterparts”. She went on to say that “running a crowdfunding campaign is about considering all the components and accurately presenting your business, inspiring investors and bringing your plan to life once you’ve reached your funding goal. We will need to wait and see if South African women are better at Crowdfunding as reflected in other countries in the report”.


After reading up on the report, Nicole Cupido – the Content Manager for Uprise.Africa had this to say: “ It is about time women are recognised as the ringleaders in this industry. As expected, there have already been snapbacks to the report saying that women are only better at Crowdfunding because the Crowdfunding model attracts more women than men. If this is the case, then how do you explain 26% of woman in the UK outperforming their male counterparts even when more campaigns had been created by men than by women. The proof in the pudding”


With South Africa now having Reward, Donation and Equity based Crowdfunding platforms, it would be interesting to test the report findings and explore whether South African women are better at Crowdfunding than men.

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